Bin Sahoo Inaugurates “Sharjah Residency” Ramadan Tournament

Al Khaleej
Brigadier General Dr Abdullah Ali Bin Sahoo Director General of General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs of Sharjah, inaugurated the opening session of Ramadan seventh football tournament at the Boys School of Muaaz bin Jabal Secondary, with the participation of 6 teams are General Administration, Management of Entry and Residence Permits, Management of External Offices, Management of Outlets, Management of Resource and Support Services, and the Department of Follow up Offenders and Foreigners, in the presence of a crowd of officers and staff.

Celebration started with national anthem, and the word of ceremony speaker, then Brigadier General Dr. Abdullah Ali Bin Sahoo welcomed the attendees, announcing the start of the tournament, and wished success to all participating teams, then Bin Sahoo thanked Sharjah Educational Zone for its efforts and permanent cooperation  with the administration, which reflects the role of the partnership strategy, cooperation between departments and institutions, local and federal government.
Last Update:: 28/07/2012