Sharjah Residency Arrest 18 violators And 8 Absconding Servants

In The General Directorate Of residency and foreigners affairs ,the Section of Following of violators and foreigners, had arrested 18 person of Pakistani nationality with the accusation of entry the country in illicit way, including one violator of residency law, and 8 Ethiopians servants absconding from their sponsor.

 The Major/ Salim Hurimel , The Head Of Following of violators and foreigners, urged the community members citizens and residency to the importance of initiative of notifying about such as these violates, and avoid  harboring and conceal them, and also for whose bringing violators and sneakers harboring them and let them working, which that form a risk to the peace and safely of the community, and contributing to  inform about any of these through (SAHEM) service 80080. 
Last Update:: 15/03/2012