“Sharjah Residency” Opens AlEtihad Hall in Khatm AlMilaha

Under the supervision of Training and Performance Evaluation Branch in General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Sharjah, Brigadier General Dr. Abdullah Ali Bin Sahoo, Director, opened "AlEtihad Training Hall" in Outlets Passports Control Department - Khatm AlMilaha.
The opening of the hall is part of a sequel to the developmental series, which administration is looking forward through it to complete preparation of human cadres capable of meeting the business needs and keep abreast of developments and rapid changes that occur in the areas of work.

Bin Sahoo in the opening speech stressed the importance of training in raising the level of staff and refining their skills and to identify their needs and requirements, thereby increasing their ability to perform their work, and helps them avoid mistakes, to reach the desired level that aspires any party seeking advancement and progress.
Last Update:: 29/02/2012