Honoring Human Resources Staff


Department of Human Resources in the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Sharjah, Hold on Monday, 7 \ 2 \ 2011 on Radisson Blue Hotel, the first forum for the section, under the slogan "one family, one hand".

At the beginning of the ceremony, the manager of the Human Resources Department make a speech in which he praised the support of His Excellency the Director-General Dr. Abdullah Ali Saeed Bin Sahoo for his interest and encouragement to all staff of the Department.

The President of the Human Resources Department in his speech for a trinity of life (Optimism, Hope and Happiness) and followed by a short film entitled (Optimism and the Willpower).

This honor came as a kind of motivation and repelling about giving in the future, where the distribution of certificates of excellence on the staff of the Section the following names:

  • Suad Rashid Zaabi
  • Sheikha Majid Alibdwawi
  • Shamsa Ali Mohamed
  • Mohra Mohammed AlSuwaidi
  • Abdullah Rashid AlSuwaidi
  • Moza Omran AlShamsi
  • Nadia Hamad AlBuh
  • Amal Sultan AlNuaimi
  • Saeed Matar AlMuhairi
  • Naila Ali AlKetbi
  • Sarah Abbas Ibrahim
  • Mouza Obaid AlMutawa
  • Fatima Obaid AlShamsi

And Users:

  • Abdul Rahman Batrokozhiil
  • Zain AlAbid
Last Update:: 13/02/2011