Inspection Tour to "Entry and Residency Permission" Management in Sharjah


 Al Khaleej


Brigadier Salim Ali al-Muzaini, Deputy Director General of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Sharjah, perform an inspection tour to "Entry and Residency Permission" Management, accompanied by Captain Mohammed Ali AlManaaee Acting Head of Media and Public Relations, During the tour, he briefed the mechanism of action followed, and the achievements of individual departments separately, where AlMozainy urged employees to exert more effort for the dealers with the management service, more of professionalism and quality in line with the prestigious international position occupied by the UAE in all fields on regional, Arab and international level.

Administration opened its doors for the auditors from 10:00 am, and until 13:00 pm during the Islamic New Year holiday.

AlMuzaini thanked the staff for their dedication and sincere efforts at work, calling on all to work as one team, as reflected positively on the quality of services provided, and reflects the civilized image of the country.

Last Update:: 16/10/2015