«Sharjah Residency» Launches the «National Bus»


Emaratalyoum Newspaper

 General Director of the Department of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Sharjah, Colonel Arif Al Shamsi, launched the “national bus”, Passport Department aims through this initiative to spread the culture of Election awareness, promote loyalty and election culture, and the importance of the voters participation in casting their votes, especially since this period constitute a new turn in the Election process.

Al Shamsi stressed the need to address the national participations, that enhance the sense of belonging and loyalty to the country, at a time when we - as institutions, with care of a government that seeks excellence in all international forums and events, to be as much of this responsibility, and that we do the secretariat, which entrusted on us to the fullest.

This initiative comes in implementation of the methodology management relationship with the community.


Last Update:: 01/10/2015