"Leadership Skills" Training Course in Sharjah Residency


Sharjah – Albayan


Brig. Abdullah Ali bin Sahoo Director of General Administration of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Sharjah, inaugurated the Basic Leadership Skills Course at Radisson Blue Resort in Sharjah, where he started his speech, with citing with verses from the Quran, then he addressed the leadership skills and its importance in the person's service, and reflections on the work, and it is the process of influencing people and directing them to accomplish goals, urging them to take advantage of this opportunity, and effluence knowledge to identify all the factors affecting in any position, and deal with it professionally, then choose the appropriate leadership style to this this situation.

Dr.. Mansour AlMahros, lectured at the session attended by employees of the Ministry of Interior.
Last Update:: 17/03/2015