A Forum for Liaison Team for Border Control in Sharjah

Emirates Today
 General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Sharjah organized a Forum for Liaison Team for Border Control in Radisson SAS Hotel in Sharjah. The Acting Director of the Department, Colonel Salem Ali AlMozainy, confirmed that the forum is an opportunity to share experiences through a review of a number of experiences in the protection of border crossings, and strengthen efforts in securing the border, both in terms of legislative, procedural or technical. He said that the world is witnessing a global variables and successive technological developments, until it became a duty we have to look for new mechanisms of action, and the development of legislation, through the exchange of experiences with the other countries, in order to support the security of ports and strengthening border protection.

The forum reviewed over two days several experiments in the field of border and ports. It also reviewed the working papers focused on entry permits systems and modern techniques in the detection of fraud in border ports and other relevant topics, participants in the forum had "a field tour" the passport control port of Sharjah International Airport.
Last Update:: 03/06/2014