Friday Sermon Calls to Respond with the Grace Period of Residence Violators

Preachers, yesterday in their Friday sermon, invited all Prayers of sponsors citizens or residents and business owners, and all violators of residence, to the need to respond to and take advantage of the the remaining period of the government and Ministry of the Interior initiative for granting a time limit amnesty for violators of Residency Law, to leave the country without legal accountability or financial fines, noting that the time limit will expire on 4-2 - 2013 after which it will be carried out intensive inspection campaigns to set offenders, and refer them to the concerned authorities for legal sanctions against them..

Friday sermon addressed friendship, which is considered an upscale human relationship, and a socially bond link between individuals on the basis of love, cooperation and harmony, sincerity, advising, respect, and compatibility in the ideas and visions, as a human nature which Holy Quran has mentioned along with kinship. 
Last Update:: 23/01/2013