Signing of “Understanding Memorandum" Between Airport and Residency of Sharjah

Al Khaleej
 Sharjah Airport Authority signed a memorandum of understanding with the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Sharjah, so as Sharjah Airport Authority under this memorandum will arrange to residency officers a specialized training programs in communication skills with the public and service excellencies, this program is implemented under the supervision of the training section of Sharjah Airport Authority, using the qualified training experts specialists in the field of mass communication.

Dr. Ghanem Mohammed Al Hajri, Chairman of Sharjah Airport Authority, and Ali Salem AlMudfaa, Director General, welcomed Brigadier Dr Abdullah Ali Saeed Bin Sahoo, Director General of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Sharjah, where two sides stressed their keenness to enhance the level of services provided to passengers and users of the airport.

Ali Salem AlMudfaa explained that the note comes in the framework of the needed cooperation and coordination between the two sides, Brigadier Dr. Sahoo said that the memorandum aims to develop the skills of residency officers.
Last Update:: 26/09/2012