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Aman Ya Biladi sheds light on Sharjah Security Area (SSA)

28 Dec 2013
Al Khaleej
Aman Ya Biladi Radio Program which is prepared by Sharjah Police and airs live every Tuesday on Sharjah Radio hosted Lt Colonel Abdullah Ibrahim Nassar, Director of Strategy and Performance Development Dept to shed light on the subject of the episode: Sharjah Security Area.

Lt Colonel Bin Nassar pointed out that Security Area with its three depts: Sharjah Police GHQ; General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners' Affairs and Civil Defense in addition to the affiliated organizational units, realizes strategic objectives of the MOI. He added that the three depts sought continually to improve services rendered to customers through an integrated process starting from determining customers; identifying their needs and accordingly tailor the process to achieve best results. Process also involves feedback of customers which can be known via various means, including telephone calls, he added. Lt Colonel also said beneficiaries from SSA include staff, customers, partners, importers, investors and customers.

Major General Al Hudaidi, General Commander of Sharjah Police and Head of SSA made a telephone call to the program in which he enumerated objectives of establishing the SSA, and the great efforts exerted by UAE Govt and MOI in implementing strategic objectives through the implementation of excellence programs' standards. Episode also communicated with brigadier Dr. Abdullah Ali Bin Sahoo, Director of Residency and Foreigners' Affairs GD to shed light on the importance of SSA in boosting the role of his dept, in addition to the services rendered by the dept under the umbrella of SSA. Brigadier Abdullah Saeed Al Suaidi, Director General of Civil Defense also communicated with the program, saying that SSA helps ensure safety of people and their properties
Last Update:: 6/3/2014