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Emiratis to Enjoy 90 Days Visit Visa to Japan

07 Oct 2013
Al Khaleej
Starting from 15 October 2013, the Japanese government will issue multiple visit visa to Japan, for UAE nationals for a period of stay not exceed 90 days. Emiratis who wishes to travel to Japan for purposes such as tourism, business or visit friends and relatives and others, can apply for this visa which will be valid for a period of 3 years.

Please visit the following site, for the required documents to obtain the visa:

It is well known that Japan is one of the charming tourist destinations, so the number of Emirati visitors to Japan is expected to increase significantly after the new facilities for granting visa.

Japan is characterized by multi- climate in the beautiful cities and regions, including the "Hokkaido" located in the north of the country, where visitors can enjoy skiing on the ice. and "Okinawa" island in the south, which is characterized by a unique diving environment and picturesque landscapes that gone viewers .
Throughout the year , the country abounds with a variety of seasonal attractions that fit with each season, when spring solve the whole scene changes with the opening of the cherry buds, and in the fall foliage colors change to bring comfort and joy to the seer. To view breathtaking images of Japan, please visit the following site :
Recently, Japan has become keen to provide an attractive environment for Muslims tourists, therefore the number of restaurants that offer Halal meals has increased as well as the number of Masjids in major cities, for more details about that, please visit the following link:
Last Update:: 6/3/2014