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Al Menhali: Arresting 27.500 of Violates Last Year

Al Menhali: Arresting 27.500 of Violates Last Year
69 Cases of Hiding Illegal Penetrating Persons among it 57 in Abu Dhabi
Al Khaleej 4/1/2010
Major General Nasser Al Awadi Al Menhali, the Assistant Under Secretary of Naturalization, Residency and Exits Affairs by proxy, MOI, has assured that 2009 has witnessed no entry cases of any illegal penetrating persons during it as a result of procedures that Directorate General has taken along UAE; indicating that persons who have been arrested during last year are nothing but remains of persons who have entered into UAE during previous years.

21 Million Come in and 22 Million Come out UAE Last Year
Al Menhali has clarified that Directorate General has started to issue work permits for a person who is sponsored by another legal sponsor to work for some one other than his sponsor for 3 months (renewable); indicating that Directorate General will reveal soon the new amendments to the law of entry and residency of foreigners within its final settled formula after studying all sides of the same.

The said was mentioned during the press conference that he held yesterday in Directorate General of Naturalization and Residency Affairs. He said: current year and next ones shall not witness any amnesty period for changing the status of violates/overstay persons lauding support efforts of General Directorates of Naturalization and Residency along UAE, more over efforts of following up illegals and aliens section of Directorate General and their remarkable style in searching campaigns that section carries in order to execute instructions and directions of H. H. Lt. General Sheikh Seif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior, aiming to eliminate illegal residency inside UAE.

He assured that following up illegals and aliens section of Directorate General of Naturalization and Residency has executed 1842 searching campaigns within different places along UAE during current year. The said campaigns have resulted into arresting 27.550 violates. They have referred into the concerned authorities for settling their claims. He mentioned that last year witnessed great remarkable decrease in violates numbers comparing to 2008.

The total numbers of violates in AD has amounted up to 8286, Sharjah 7248, Dubai 3475, Al Ain 2327, RAk 2851, Al Fujeira 1354, and Umm Al Qiween 788, mentioning that the said numbers include - at the same time - violates that have been referred into public prosecution for violating entry and banishment law due to their trials to enter UAE again as an initial step to refer them into jurisdiction authorities which will take prescribed procedures and penalties regarding the same.

He said: the said number gives remarkable and good index regarding the proficiency and efficacy of employees of following up and enquiry section, which reflects existed coordination and cooperation between departments and directorates of MOI for tightening the circle around violates and to leave no room for them to use it for defaming the elegant and bright status and image of UAE.
He mentioned that number of cases of hiding of illegal penetrating persons during current year has amounted up to 69 cases: among it 57 in Abu Dhabi, 8 in Sharjah, 3 in RAK and one case in Al Fujeira. Fine penalties that have been prescribed upon the same have reached AED 12.060.774 (12 million, 60 thousand, 774 dirham).

He mentioned that executing these campaigns come in the frame of exerted efforts by Directorate General of Naturalization and Residency for arresting illegal workers, absconding persons from their legal sponsors, persons who have entered country illegally, and domestic workers (helping categories) who are working for others rather than their legal sponsors; assuring that Directorate General will continue in collaboration with armed forces and borders' guards in executing searching campaigns along all border's points for stopping entry of illegal penetrating persons.

He mentioned that campaigns that Directorate General has organized resulted into arresting around 2474 of illegal penetrating persons during current year: 588 in Abu Dhabi, 486 in Al Ain, 79 in Dubai, 902 in Sharjah, 152 in RAK, 42 in Ajman, 31 in UQ, and 194 in Al Fujeira; assuring that campaigns relating to illegal workers continue regularly and permanently all year around for eliminating the said phenomenon which becomes a form of grieve hazard to labour market in all emirates. He has clarified that hiring absconding workforce, generally, creates a kind of chaos within labour market and some crises within the same which abstain to achieve ultimate effect of adopted resolution by MOI in collaboration with MOL in order to eliminate these violations. Meanwhile, he has praised the great positive reaction of locals and residents alike regarding reporting against several cases of illegal workers.

Al Menhali said that the total numbers of passengers who come into UAE through Air, Sea, and Land exits have amounted up to 21.065.229 arrivals; while the total numbers of travellers have amounted – during the same period – up to 22.682.623.