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Naturalization Affairs Arrests 113 of Sneaking Persons and Illegals in Sharjah during 3 Days

Naturalization Affairs Arrests 113 of Sneaking Persons and Illegals in Sharjah during 3 Days
They Escape from Police by Hiding under Beds and Beds' Sheets
Al Khaleej 17/1/2010
Naturalization, Residency and Exits Points Affairs, MOI has continued its campaigns for arresting illegals and sneaking persons accompanied by its cameras while they are breaking into any suspected dens; besides, arresting - during three consecutive days - 113 of illegals and sneaking persons in Sharjah. Moreover, arresting one Asian for sheltering and hiring 38 of sneaking persons among abovementioned numbers.

The same has revealed by Major General Nasser Al Awadi Al Menhali, The Assistant Undersecretary for Naturalization, Residency, and Exits Points Affairs by Proxy, MOI; adding that cameras of the administration of following up of illegals and aliens affiliated to Naturalization Affairs has shoot for the second time photos of sneaking persons of Asians while they try to escape across labour accommodation in 10th industrial area from MOI employees by hiding naively under beds and beds' sheets thinking that they may escape from punishment and referring them to trial. Al Menhali has warned with non – scheduled searching campaigns for fighting sneaking persons and illegals phenomena.

Administration of following up of illegals and aliens/ Sharjah has arrested, during passed time, 31 sneaking persons of Asians tried to escape naively and oddly away from police scope by hiding in big plastic barrels and some has hidden under kitchens' drawers along a labour accommodation in Sharjah industrial area. An Arab person, who has sheltered them, has been arrested and sentenced with imprisonment for 2 months and paying AED 2.000.000 against fine.

Col. Saeed Rakan Al Rashedi, Director of the administration of following up of illegals and aliens, MOI - on his side – has mentioned the cause of success of these arresting campaigns, continuity of arresting sneaking persons and illegals and individuals who sheltering and hiring them is due to toll free service "Sahim (Take Part)", where its number is (80080); which receives phone calls from participants and helpers who have been described by him as " The Loyal Individuals" of locals and residents alike for their reporting against the places of existence of illegals.

He has besought locals and residents alike to cooperate and report against any sneaking person or illegal or against the person who harbouring or hiring them by calling toll free service "Sahim (Take Part)".

Major Salem Heraimal Al Shamsi, head of following up of illegals and aliens section/ Sharjah, concerning the details of the arrested people, has said that: the said section has enabled through three consecutive days to arrest 38 of Asians sneaking persons across labour accommodation located in Sharjah 10th industrial area. Moreover, arresting 75 of illegals of residency law along different places in Sharjah of Asians too; including 26 housemaids who have circulation reports against them for absconding from their legal sponsors and staying inside country illegally, in order to reach the amount 113 of arrested persons and a person has sheltered sneaking persons.

Major Al Shamsi has clarified that classified information has come to the section stating the existence of some sneaking persons in a labour accommodation in 10th industrial area under the supervision of a person called " 'A A" of Asian national; whereas, he has sheltered the said sneaking persons against sums AED 300 – 400 per month for each one.

He has added that upon receiving the said information, section has performed its investigations for verification of the same. Police teams have attacked the suspected place after coordination with concerned authorities where sneaking persons have been arrested; where they have declared with their entry into the country by land, informing against the Asian person who has sheltered them. He has mentioned that the accomplice 'A A of Asian national has confessed with sheltering of sneaking persons against abovementioned sums. He has been charged with sheltering crime. At present, they are referring to concerning authorities.

He has assured on the continuity of searching and arresting campaigns against sneaking persons and illegals to residency law aiming to eradicate the problem of sneaking persons and illegals who consider as grieve danger on security and safety of the community.

The law of residency and foreigners' affairs declares the punishment of imprisonment sentence for a term of not less than two months and payment of fine AED 100.000 against any one, who hires or refuges a sneaking person.

The said law has stipulated a fine of AED 50.000 against any Est. owner hires a foreigner who is not under his/her sponsorship or does not hire him/her or leaves him/her work for others without abiding by terms and conditions and the stipulated provisions for sponsorship transfer or without obtaining the necessary permission against the same.