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Bin Sahoo: Hiring Sneaking Persons is considered Grieve Danger to Security and Economy of the Country

Bin Sahoo: Hiring Sneaking Persons is considered Grieve Danger to Security and Economy of the Country during Signing an Agreement with Sharjah Education Council
Al Khaleej 20/1/2010
Col. Dr. Abdulla Ali Saeed Bin Sahoo, Director General of General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs/ Sharjah has asserted on the impact of hiring sneaking persons and illegals by companies or individuals for escaping from insurance coverage for the same. The said matter leads to weak investment competition, impact on economy and services in general; because hiring such category is according to low salaries, which may leave and represents a threat to public security.

Dr. Abdulla has stressed on the necessity of assuming every person within the community the responsibility of maintaining social security and stability mentioning dangers of sneaking persons and the violates to the law of residency and foreigners entry in general. In many cases, they involved in several crimes: including moral ones and another of organized ones that they are committed collectively. He indicates to the exerted efforts by leaders in order to alleviate the danger of those illegals and arresting the same. He urges public of locals and residents alike to report against any sneaking person or illegal in order to maintain the security of country and community alike.

The aforesaid came during signing an agreement, yesterday morning, in General Directorate's headquarters with Sharjah Education Council represented in 'Aisha Seif Amin, Council Secretary General.

Bin Sahoo said that this agreement embodies the spirit of cooperation and partnership among all governmental authorities and departments along the Emirate in general; especially, what is relating to education sector, which considers as one of the most important and vital sectors through it you can get culture and social and legal awareness. Whereas, the said concluded agreement aims to focus and make the law of foreigners' entry and residency, its regulations and executive resolutions common for all.

'Aisha Seif has clarified that among agreement's aims are the awareness of community role in participating in achieving country's aims through intact applying of the law of foreigners' entry and residency and spreading culture of reporting against sneaking persons.