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MOI: Issuing the New E-Passport by the End of Current Year

MOI: Issuing the New E-Passport by the End of Current Year
Al Khaleej 1/2/2010
Major General Matar Salem Bin Musaied Al Niady, Director General of General Directorate of E-Services and Telecommunications, MOI, has assured that MOI has seen to issue UAE e – passport by the end of this year after finishing the procedures of selecting distinguished colour, form and security characteristics of passport.

Al Niady has indicated that the new passport has high advanced security and technical characteristics: among the same; electronic card contains text and biometric data concerning passport holder, which give the room for automatic reading of passport's data, checking data of passengers and travellers (in – out) of UAE timely through airports and borders' exit points, indicating that this direction is considered as a remarkable specific transition participates in showing the civilized envisage status of UAE.

He has indicated that directions of H. H. Lt. General Sheikh Seif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior to work on issuing UAE e-passport as per international standards issued by International Civil Aviation Organization "ICAO". Where higher, experienced and efficient committee under the supervision of Director General of General Directorate of E-Services and Telecommunications has been formed. Required specifications and study have been made; preparing the procedures for general tender then selecting a qualified company for executing the project, successful tendering and contracting for providing, installing and operating the system of issuing the new e-passport in cooperation with the ally of Emirate Corporation for Computer which includes United German Printeries Company "Bundes Druckerei"; it is one of the international companies specialized in manufacturing and providing security documents of high technical characteristics.

He has assured that enforcing and using e-passport is considered as remarkable specific transition contributing in showing the civilized envisage status of UAE, and maintaining its reputation along regional and international levels; moreover; giving UAE local confidence and appreciation in airports and exit points of countries which use e-passport like EU countries and USA.