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33 Training Courses in Naturalization and Residency Institute since October

33 Training Courses in Naturalization and Residency Institute since October
Al Khaleej 13/2/2010
The total courses that have been held by Naturalization and Residency Institute followed the Director General of Naturalization and Residency, since its establishing on 4th of Oct. last year until now, have amounted to 33 training courses and programmes. Whereas, 616 trainees of officers, non-commissioned officers, individuals and workers in directorate along UAE; in addition, number of participants from departments and institutions whether governmental or not.

The said institute has been established due to the directions and keenness of H. H. Lt. Gen. Sheikh Seif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister and following up by Major General Nasser Al Awadi Al Menhali, the Assistant Undersecretary for Naturalization, Residency and Exit Points Affairs by proxy, MOI, to upgrade and promote the efficacy of all employees within directorates and administrations, developing their capacities, providing them with the recent updates concerning the work field in order to enable them to do entitled duties and tasks perfectly and duly.

Major Mohammed Saeed Al 'Amri, Manager of Naturalization, Residency and Exit Points Institute, MOI, has asserted that training is the only path for improving performance quality, developing work and promoting the same to the highest levels indicating that institute has held 33 courses and training programmes: including; introducing naturalization and residency law, ways of detecting of transactions' falsification, skills of dealing with customers, ways of achieving strategic aims through performance measuring and the skills of administrative prominence.

He has shown that institute aims to upgrade workers' levels and services provided by naturalization directorates. It is considered the first of its type in the region; where it will work to join all employees of naturalization directorates along UAE to training courses focus on technological and technical aspects; whereas, the employee becomes aware of all applied procedures within departments.