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Meeting to discuss the agenda for the year 2010

Meeting to discuss the agenda for the year 2010
Sharjah 5/7/2010

Brigadier Dr. Abdullah Ali Saeed bin Sahoo Director-General of the Directorate General of Residency Foreigners Affairs of Sharjah, held a meeting this morning with the directors of administrations and heads of presidential departments and managers of the branch, to discuss the agenda for the year 2010 for officers and officials of the units.

At the beginning of the meeting Brigadier Bin Sahoo welcomed the officers, praising their role and their efforts to develop and improve the level of services that are offered to the public, and pointed to the importance of such meetings to enhance communication between officials, which would contribute to raising work productivity.

During the meeting Bin Sahoo stressed loyalty, honesty and sense of belonging to the management, documentation of procedures for officers and hard work

At the end of the meeting The chief of the residency and Foreigners Affairs in Sharjah address his thanks and appreciation to the directors of administrations and heads of departments for their efforts and asked them to stimulate their employees to provide development initiatives and promote the concept of employee loyalty to serve our dear country, also faces the need of the evening shift to provide management services to the public who can not finish their transactions during the morning due to their working conditions.