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The Residency of Sharjah Organized Championship of (Pistol Shooting)

The Residency of Sharjah Organized Championship of (Pistol Shooting)
Sharjah 2/9/2010
Brigadier General Dr. Abdullah bin Sahoo attended the tournament of shooting a 9 mm pistol, which was organized by the General Administration of foreigners affairs and the residency of Sharjah in the golf and shooting club in Sharjah, within the framework of sporting events per month of Ramadan.
A number 30 archers including Bin Sahoo, and managers of departments and officers and employees, the tournament was exciting competitive environment where the points were very close between the winners of the first three.
Started the tournament on the group system, each group includes 5 archers from a distance of 10 meters, and the results are a tie for first place, and was re-shooting bullets from a distance of 20 meters to resolve the first place. Lt. Rashid Al Suwaidi, won first place and second place was awarded to the first Lt. Muhammad Ali AlKetbi and Bin Sahoo, won third place.
For his part, Bin Sahoo congratulated the winners, and commended the efforts of the organizing committee and the efforts of success of the tournament and stressed the importance of organizing such events on an ongoing basis for effective communication among staff.