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Bin Sahoo Inspecting Passports of Sharjah Airport

Bin Sahoo Inspecting Passports of Sharjah Airport
Sharjah 7/10/2010
Brigadier General Dr. Abdullah Ali Saeed Bin Sahoo Director General of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Sharjah, completed an inspection visit to the Immigration Department in Sharjah International Airport, accompanied by Colonel Mohamed Salem, Director of Ports, Colonel Rashid Hilal, head of passports Sharjah International Airport, and Major AbdulKarim Askar, head of public relations and customer service.

The visit comes within the framework of general manager keen to continue the inspection visits to the departments and sections of the Directorate of Residency in Sharjah, in order to determine the course of working out and see it closely.

Bin Sahoo, check on the functioning of the staff in the passports halls of travelers entry and exit, and urged them to expedite the completion of procedures for passengers with the importance of testing the accuracy and vigilance.

Then, he discussed a number of topics aimed at promoting affirmative action and seek to overcome obstacles that may affect the course of work, and seek to develop the capacity and skills of staff to raise the level of production efficiency, emphasizing the importance of making use of the equipment and modern techniques available in the section, so as to improve the provision of services, with high quality for the travelers.

General Manager of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Sharjah, pointed to the importance of strengthening the principle of communication between the officials and staff, and urged the need to provide adequate support for staff to submit creative proposals, which works to improve performance