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Graduation of “Body Language” in Sharjah Residency

Graduation of “Body Language” in Sharjah Residency
Sharjah 21/12/2010
Brigadier General Dr. Abdullah bin Sahoo Director General of General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs of Sharjah, attended the end of the session "Body Language" at the administration in the presence of Director of Ports Passports Control, director of External Offices Department, head of human resources and head of public relations and customer service.

Where the session extended for five consecutive days with the participation of 27 of the staff, included definition of the contents of "body language" and its importance as a means of communication between human beings, and have been reviewed the most important elements of the body language of eye contact, facial expressions and the most important gesture by a human, in addition to techniques and skills that Help them to use body language as a way to connect with others.

Brigadier General Dr. praised the level of Dr. May's Khalid, from the Arab Center for Training and Consulting, for the submitted content in the lecture, and said that the session emphasizes the importance of the training process as the most important elements of institutional development in light of current challenges, the participants student on the session pointed to the need to apply what has been trained by the session in the fields of work in Different management to provide better services to the public.

In conclusion, Brigadier-General Dr. Abdullah bin Saho, distributed the certificates to the participants for the course.