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Imposition of Entry Visas on the Canadians

Imposition of Entry Visas on the Canadians
Al Khaleej 30/12/2010
United Arab Emirates decided on Wednesday to impose entry visas to Canadian citizens, the value of the fees is up to one thousand dollars, after they use to enter the country without a visa.

UAE Embassy in Ottawa on its website has announced the new procedures that will enable Canadian citizens to obtain visas to the UAE. Among the new procedures, Canadians to pay a fee of $ 250 to get a visa once for a period of thirty days and $ 500 for a visa for a one-time valid for three months, and it will cost them for multiple entry visa for six months, one thousand dollars, with a minimum stay of 14 days in the UAE each visit.

Emirates had announced that, starting from the second of January, all Canadians traveling to the UAE for tourism or business, will have on obtain a visa.

It is noteworthy that the Canadian citizens were among the citizens of 30 countries covered by the exemption of visa to the UAE.