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Young Beggars Phenomenon Need to Follow

27 Aug 2012
Al Khaleej
begging phenomenon began to take curves again, through methods and techniques and new forms developed by some in order to get the money, although that is incompatible with human and social values and religious, and that calls for circumvent the new features in anticipation of non-proliferation, and also to avoid the birth of other methods which may cause the emergence of other problems.

Some people are using children under the age of ten years to knock on doors of houses in order to beg, attempting thus to raise pity and sympathy of villagers to on children who have dressed in tattered clothes to complete the dismal picture trying those hands to mischievous with the innocence of children clearly highlighted.

This strange and unacceptable method in the community, is considered as a new methods created in the world of begging, which some people began depend on it as a source of fund-raising, which calls for intervention and cooperation of many actors to reduce the exploitation of children, especially that among these young beggars, there are a five years old children.

A number of residents of Al Ain, who have noticed the existence of this phenomenon, after it knocked on their doors several times, confirmed that children who came to them, their tattered forms indicating the extent need to urgent help, and when asked about their parents, they pointed with their vulnerable fingers to one lady, whom stands at a distance allow her to control.

Within the framework of the world begging, methods and ways created, (ِAlKhaleej) spotted workers in a private company, biding work with actors and governmental institutions, are begging in public roads wearing the official uniforms of the company, on the grounds that they are not receiving their salary for three months, asking for the money that fills his need for a meal food.

After (ِAlKhaleej) contacted with company officials, found to be what was said by employee is not true, and that the salaries and meals are disbursed on schedule, and that the worker resorted to this method to raise the income level, which reach up to 1200 AED a manner may harm the reputation of the company thatemploys on large number of staff.

A company officials, stressed the follow-up of the workers and tighten control them, so as to avoid the use of methods and techniques and other strange tricks, and also to prevent the exploitation of members of the community by these.
Last Update:: 8/27/2012