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Ministry of Interior Launched “No To Offenders” Campaign and Called the Public to Interact With It

23 Jul 2012
Al Khaleej
 The UAE Ministry of the Interior has kicked off a No to Offenders campaign to flesh out infiltrators and illegal overstayers in the country with the help of the media, social networking sites, citizens and residents.

Assistant Undersecretary for Naturalisation and Residency and Ports in the Interior Ministry Maj Gen Nasser Al Awadi Menhali said that the campaign, launched last Sunday, aims to increase awareness on the importance of combating the phenomenon of residency law violators and the need to report any such violation to the concerned authorities.

The initiative, organized by the Ministry of Interior, will be followed up by the Foreigners Affairs Wing of the Office of the Assistant Undersecretary for Naturalization and Residency and Ports.

The campaign is set to implement the directives of Lt General Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, to combat the phenomenon of infiltrators and violators of residency law.

Maj Gen Menhali added that the government bodies will co-operate with the local print and broadcast media, social institutions, the members of the society and residents.

He said that the campaign aims to enhance the confidence of members of the community and urge all violators of residency laws to rectify their legal status and warn the intruders on the risks of staying illegally in the country and dealing with intruders and offenders of laws.fine for violators

Establishment owners and families who employ infiltrators will be punished by imprisonment for not less than two months and a fine of Dhs100,000 and establishments and houses which harbour foreigners who are not under their sponsorship will get a fine of Dhs50,000,  Col Ahmed Sultan Al Zaabi, Director of the Follow-up of offenders and foreigners, said.

Menhali said that inspection teams from the department for follow-up of foreign offenders at the state level would continue to perform their duty day and night in all places to book intruders and offenders and bring them to justice.

The Interior Ministry will spare no effort in tracking down all who enter the country or stay illegally and called on citizens and residents to cooperate with the objectives of the campaign. Information on illegal residents can be reported to the Ministry of Interior by dialing the toll-free 24-hour operating number 80080.

Col Al Zaabi added that the media campaign will be executed via social networking sites Facebook and Twitter and the website of the Ministry of Interior

The campaign will also involve the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Labour who will drive the message to private sector companies on the dangers of breaking the law.

The Committee on Islamic Affairs and Endowments will be urged to send this message through the Friday sermon and urge Muslims to cooperate in reporting on offenders, Kaabi said.

Brochures will be distributed to raise awareness about the campaign, in cooperation with the Security Media Department in the Secretariat of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, in major business centers along with newspapers and periodicals.

In a move aimed at protecting the society and for the security and control of risks involved, the department has allocated prizes for reporting infiltrators and offenders, he said.
Last Update:: 7/23/2012