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“Naturalization Residency and Ports Affairs” Delegation concludes its Visit to The Federal Republic of Germany

22 Jul 2012
Al Khaleej
The Ministry of Interior’s delegation, led by Major General Nasser Al Awadhi Al Minhali, Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for Naturalization Residency and Ports Affairs, concluded his official visit to the Federal Republic of Germany, which included a number of police departments in Germany.

The delegation got acquainted with the various tasks and functions in the areas of police work; work procedures followed; development and progress reached by these departments and the new technologies used.

Al Minhali and the accompanying delegation left Hamburg Airport to Frankfurt Airport, where they were met by the Deputy Director and a number of airport officials.

The delegation also visited the Transit Area in zone; the screening arrivals area; check-in-counters and documents processing upon arrival, then visited the scanning documents lab at the airport and watched a practical demonstration of the passports and cards testing device.

They also got acquainted with the work mechanism at the Federal Police Academy in Lübeck, through a detailed presentation made by the Academy’s officials on the organizational structure of the Academy and its affiliated departments and divisions, in addition to the academic curricula, basic and supplementary training structure of officers and senior leaderships, enrollment requirements and tests conducted, as well as ways to attract youth to join the police.

At the end of the visit, Al Minhali wrote a note in the Academy’s guestbook, and then the two parties exchanged commemorative gifts.
Last Update:: 7/22/2012