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Workshop on Minister of Interior Award in Sharjah Police

09 Jul 2012
Al Khaleej
Technical support team for the award of HH the Minister Interior for “Job Excellence” yesterday morning, at the Police Academy of Sciences in the General Headquarters of Sharjah Police, organized a workshop on the standards and concepts of excellence, and functions of teams and groups required for the award and methods of preparing files award, for individuals and teams who wish to participate as employees from the General Headquarters of Sharjah Police from various departments and police stations and its affiliates.

Lieutenant Colonel Abdullah bin Nassar, Director of Sharjah Police Strategy and General Coordinator of the award award and the Minister of the Interior, submitted a presentation where explain the importance of such workshops, to provide a comprehensive picture of the participants and teams.

Lieutenant Colonel Arif Ghraib Al Shamsi from the Award Secretariat of the Minister of Interior for Job Excellence 2012 2013, also made a presentation on the classifications of the award, namely: “Award of the Optimal Use of Electronic Services” and “Best Internal Website Content” and “Government Communications”, and provided a comprehensive picture of all categories of the award and explained the technical conditions and regulatory to participate, and noted that all entries must be in accordance with the approved models, also participated in the provision of the workshop Lieutenant Abdullah Ashknati, and Lieutenant Mussad Shabana from the General Secretariat of the Minister Prize, is scheduled for the workshop to continue for two days and covers all areas of the award.
Last Update:: 7/9/2012