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Director of Residency in Sharjah: Lease Agreement is a Condition for Renewing Residency for the Single Girls

14 Jun 2012
Al Khaleej
Brigadier General Dr. Abdullah Ali Saeed bin Sahoo Director General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Sharjah, stressed that "Lease Agreement" considered within the terms of renewal of residence for residents in Sharjah, and is recognized through providing a copy of the lease contract or providing a company  housing documents, and each case will be studied separately, and there are some exceptions if the brother lives with his brother together in one house, because the Article 13 of the law of entry and residence of foreigners stated that: it is necessary for an alien who entered the country to report on his new place of residence when changing and the new address within a week of change.

In response to a question from "AlKhaleej" news paper, on the mechanisms of renewal of the single girls, Abdullah bin Sahoo said: they are subjected to the same conditions by providing the lease contract, and also by reference to companies and agencies that sponsored them and reviewed in this regard, and bin Sahoo suggested to the competent authorities such as the municipality to sign a group lease for the single girls of residential apartments, to facilitate the procedures.

He said that the administration gives foreign people a permission to enter to the country and reside there in the case of join the father of his family or guardian, which means that the foreigner has the right to sponsor his wife and his sons and his daughters, based on a number of conditions provided in Article 28 of the regulations, paragraph (a), that the sponsor income shall not be less than Three Thousand Dirhams if the employer provides them with housing, or Four Thousand Dirhams if the employer does not provide housing for him.

He explained that the conditions for the family sponsorship include the following: sponsor must be obtained a valid work visa, in the case of sponsoring the wife, he must submit the marriage contract duly authenticated by his country, and authenticated by the consulate representing the country abroad or embassy of the country issuing the marriage contract in the state and the ratification of the Foreign Affairs, and salary must be recognized by an official certificate approved by the concerned authorities in the country.
Last Update:: 6/14/2012