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Senior Leadership Commission in Sharjah Police Reviews the Work Progress of the Security Departments

01 Jun 2012
Al Khaleej
In the building of the Sharjah Police Headquarters, the fifth meeting of the senior leadership Committee for the year 2012 was held under the chairmanship of Major General Humaid Muhammad AlHadidi, Commanding General of Sharjah Police, in the presence of Brigadier Abdullah Mubarak AlDokhan, deputy commanding general of Sharjah Police, Brigadier General Dr. Abdullah Saeed Sahoo Director General of General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, and Brigadier Abdullah Al Suwaidi, Director General of General Administration of Civil Defense in Sharjah, and Brigadier Mohammed Eid AlMadhloum Director General of Police Operations, Colonel Salem Khalifa AlMogarab General Manager of resources and support services and directors of administrations in Sharjah Police Headquarters.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Director General of Sharjah Police welcomed the attendees and reviewed the agenda of the fifth meeting of the Commission, which included a stand on what has been done from the previous decisions and meetings in 2012, and reviewed the progress of work in various security departments, where Brigadier Abdullah Mubarak Aldokhan presented a detailed overview of the security gravity of the infiltrators and return after deportation in the study for the exploitation of security vulnerabilities by dangerous foreigners to public security, and the entry of infiltrators via the nearby borders of the state, the study had concluded to make recommendations serving to limit the entry of infiltrators and tighten border controls.

On the other hand, Colonel Saif AlZari Director of Police Directorate of External Areas, reviewed the traffic accidents study (Sharjah Maliha Road) The study concluded some of the recommendations that have been decided upon to develop a radar on the road and create a "Ambulance Point" and “Fast Rescue Point” for eloquent accidents and to provide human staff and redistribution of manpower in some stations.

Lieutenant colonel Abdullah Ibrahim bin Nassar, Director of Strategy and Performance Development, introduced the opinion polls on the assessment of customer service centers and opportunities for improvement as well as the results of visits by the "Secret Shopper" through the fields visits, and was also standing on the weak points and improvement opportunities.

At the end of the meeting, Major General Al Hadidi, thanked the audience and the various departments that have managed to complete the work and the tasks entrusted to them, and urged them on the necessity of continuous communication with the subordinates to provide the best security services to the public and work to achieve the highest levels of security and stability through adoption of best practices and to provide extensive security service, so that everyone enjoy security and peace of mind.

Last Update:: 6/1/2012