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2.8 Million Dirhams for Two Accusers Against False Promise to Grant U. A. E. Nationality

21 May 2012
Al Khaleej
Public Prosecution in Abu Dhabi, ordered the detention of two persons in custody on charges of swindling and fraud an Arab woman, the defendants promised to grant the nationality of the UAE to the women, the two defendants (F. A. G) UAE, (A. M. S.) Iraqi, obtained from the victim amount of 2.846.000 Dirhams.

Details of the case began last year 2011, when the victim said to the first accused who was her colleague at work before, that she and her family residing in the UAE for a long time, and have already applied for citizenship of the State, Complainant asked the accused whether they know one of state officials to make a personal request for Emirati citizenship.

Here, the first  accused  defrauded her previous colleague, and told her that he work in entity responsible for the issuance of citizenship, and that he is a member of a secret committee tasked with this matter, and will follow up issue her request, then he added that there are procedures and fees for the issuance of citizenship of 600 Thousand Dirhams.

After the complainant gave the first  defendant  all papers and documents required, and the amount, the role of the second defendant came, who telephoned the victim, and conned her that he is a security man, and officially working in the issuance department of nationality in the State, and told her that her request was studied, and now it is under processing.

Defendants request from the victim to transfer money to them through exchange companies, in installations, until the amount reached the total of 2.846.000 Thousand Dirhams, defendants did not stop at this point, but originally pressed for more by threatening and warning by phone text messaging that failure to pay the rest of the fees could expose them to deportation outside the country she and her family. When the complainant is no longer able to pay more for the accused, after having borrowed from banks and lost most of her savings, she decided to complain to them on charges of swindling and fraud, and indeed, the defendants were seized and forwarded to the Attorney General in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, which has ordered seven days in detention, in connection with the case.
Last Update:: 5/21/2012