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Bin Sahoo: Procedures to Restrain Inappropriate Behaviors at “Sharjah Airport”

18 May 2012
Al Bayan
Colonel Abdulrahman Bin Sahoo, Director of Outlets Passports Control in the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Sharjah, stressed the attention of the staff at the ports, especially Sharjah International Airport, and their fully determination to treat the passengers the best way, pointing out that citizens' complaints about some irresponsible behavior from some staff will be taken a fast decision about it soon, because what happened is not allowed at all, based on the fact that Sharjah airport is the emirate interface, this came during his intervention with the «Live Program» which is broadcast through radio and television in United Arab Emirates. He said: «criticism of any employee in an organization is a healthy phenomenon, and that the personal non-decent behavior from employees will be taken punitive measures against them, based on the laws of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, any non-decent behavior like playing in BlackBerry, and loud laughing, in addition to the lack of attention to newcomers or travelers».

Director of Outlets Passports Control in Sharjah demanded to be provided with time and date on which the problem occurred with the passenger, in order to identify the offending employee in this topic, as well as counter number that the employee was sitting on it.

Col. Bin Sahoo added: «We are committed to the laws and regulations that running human resources we have, and we carry out instructions and plans after the seminars, courses, meetings with staff and officials of patrol, which would provide all means of comfort for passengers and arrivals to the state, and this is the heart of the vision of the General Administration of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Sharjah, through providing outstanding service to the public ».

He explained that there are many penalties that are applied to the violator employee, including verbal warning, and then salary deduction, pointing out that if the offence repeated from the employee shall be referred for investigation in the public administration, adding that «I am in my capacity as Chairman of the Complaints Committee and the Director of Outlets Passports Control, trying to provide a unique service to the public, and getting their complaints with an open mind and put them into highest interest ».


«Live Program» received many complaints against the staff of Sharjah Airport, which focused on the lack of intention from a number of male and female employees in front of the newcomers passengers, and ill-treatment, and the carelessness of some of the staff serving travelers through their use of mobile phones, and laughing in an inappropriate manner, especially in the face of newcomers, Complaints also included the staff are favoring some of their friends and families, and put them in the first rows in front of immigration counter, which led to the resentment of some coming from outside the State for such acts, in addition to the lack of commitment in some of the places allocated to the citizens and the citizens of GCC countries, as some Asians and other countries stand in these places, creating bad impression to the people coming to the Emirate of Sharjah.
Last Update:: 5/18/2012