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Abdullah bin Sahoo: Employers are Responsible About the Worker Residency Renewal During the Period of Labor Disputes

07 May 2012
Al Khaleej
Brigadier General Dr. Abdullah bin Sahoo Director General of General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Sharjah confirmed that employers are responsible about the worker residency renewal during workers disputing period in courts,  and will be under their responsibility until he leave the country or legally transfer to another entity. 

In his statement to "Alkhaleej" Abdullah bin Sahoo urged the Institutions and private companies to ensure the renewal of their workers residency who have labor cases, in legal, ethical and social responsibility framework , he also confirmed the importance of this entities in raising awareness of their workers with the illegality of side practice like(Allelam, or selling nuts at intersections or car wash). 
He also called Employers on the need of being careful in the selection of their employees, and focus on the experience and qualification for the job, and checking the credibility of these documents.

 He added: "In light of the popularity of technology, resulting to restructuring of companies and institutions in the world, sometimes some entities may bring low-level or non-educated workers, which leads them to dispense those workers later on and as a result of that negative phenomenon appears in the community, for a number of category(workers, tourisms, visitors) and most of the violates the law of residency in the country.
Last Update:: 5/7/2012