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Entry of Deported People Require Permission From Minister of Interior

07 May 2012
Al Bayan
The Union Supreme Court ,confirmed that the entry and reside in the country for foreigners whom  have been deported  is not  permissible expect getting special permission from the minister of interior, and any visa grant without the approval of the minister of interior will be invalid,  the resident will be dealt on the basis of entering the country in illegal way, and will be judged on this basis.
The court which was consist of  the Judge Abdul Wahab Abdool, President of the Court and the judges membership  Mohammed Ahmed Abdul Kader and Abdulrasol Al Tantawe , clarify that entry permit in this case didn’t give the exiled  person the legality to enter and reside in the country because its legally invalid.
That come within court refusal of Sharjah appeal court decision which decide to deport on a person whom return to the country after he get an entry and residence permit  from Sharjah directorate of residency and foreigners affairs with a fine of 10 thousands DHS, and that after the court invalidate first degree judge which refused the case based on time pass, which appealed by public prosecution in the appeal court, then the court judge with fine, and the judge haven’t been accepted by p.p because the judge didn’t include the procedure of deportation from the country, so it submit the appeal in the supreme court.
Last Update:: 5/7/2012