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Bin Sahoo: State Support Deterrent Rules to Combat Human Trafficking

09 Apr 2012
Al Khaleej
Brigadier General Dr Abdullah Ali Bin Sahoo, Director of General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Sharjah, Stressed the  keenness of the state to reduce crimes of human trafficking and to eliminate this phenomenon completely Through developing legislation and laws related to this issue, and empower the concerned authorities to apply preventive and deterrent measures, and secure the protection and support for people affected by these crimes, as well as expand the horizons of bilateral and international cooperation to combat it.

In a statement to the newspaper "AlKhaleej", following receiving in his office, yesterday morning, a delegation from the University of Sharjah chaired by Dr.. Magdi Shuaib, head of law at the University of Sharjah, and Dr. Jihad Abdul-Aziz, and Dr. Faisal bin Halilo, Bin Sahoo said: "The administration in the context of community work seeks to support and increase cooperation with partners to achieve more positive engagement to address the negatives that appear in the community, including the human trafficking crimes and to eliminate it, and he explained that the meeting discussed ways of cooperation that can be made between the parties to serve the community through a range of proposals and activities that have been reviewed on the awareness of crimes of human trafficking. "

Bin Sahoo  pointed out that the administration welcomes partners from government and private sectors and cooperate with them to serve the community from the premise that security is everyone's responsibility and this achievement comes through submitting initiatives and proposals that aim to serve the community, stability, and he explained that the administration provide their expertise and capabilities to achieve the objectives of the partnership with partners through the objectives of the overall strategy of the Ministry of the Interior until security and stability prevail throughout all jurisdictions. Dr. Magdi Shuaib said that the university welcomes cooperation with management and contribute to the activities required by those involved and thanked the Director of Administration and staff for their good cooperation.
Last Update:: 4/9/2012