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Arrest of " UAE Passports Fraud Gang" In Thailand

03 Apr 2012
Emirates Today
Australian and Thai police Arrested 6 persons as part of a yearlong, multination operation against human trafficking networks, Including the United Arab Emirates fake passport, According to Thai police: "where they obtain passports for the United Arab Emirates,  because the UAE enjoys peace and a higher standard of living.

 Thai police Lt. Gen. Wiboon Bangthamai said:" the Iraqi man, Raihan Ashour Oraibi Alfatlawi, 39, and the Thai woman, Sunida Sokul, 36, were arrested on charges of passport forgery.

He added that, on Sokul  house they found 16 fake passports for United Arab Emirates, Iraq and Iran, along with equipment to produce them, he said. Each of the suspects could get up to 10 years in jail if convicted.

According to Thai police, such fake passports cost $400 each. They said the users travel to Thailand on either Iranian or Iraqi passports, where they obtain passports for the United Arab Emirates because the UAE enjoys peace and a higher standard of living, its passport-holders are less likely to be suspected of seeking residence abroad.

A statement from the Australian Federal Police said the suspects arrested there face a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison on two people smuggling charges.

The statement alleged that the “Australian-based targets of this operation were key organizers and facilitators of a people smuggling syndicate responsible for planning and facilitating the unlawful arrival of numerous people to Australia.”

“The organizers of these ventures are taking advantage of vulnerable people and are putting their lives at risk it said.
In related to that Australian police had arrested 4 men in Sydney and Melbourne city.
Last Update:: 4/3/2012