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Campaign to Set the Runaway House Maids in Sharjah

09 Nov 2011

General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Sharjah, implementing a campaign to control runaway maids, within the framework of the ongoing inspection campaigns on violators of the law of entry and residency of foreigners.

This campaign comes after receiving several calls from residents confirm the spread of dozens of runaway maids in an unprecedented manner, according to Brigadier General Dr. Abdullah said Ali bin Sahoo, Director General of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Sharjah. The campaign resulted in the seizure of 30 Ethiopian citizenship maids, and all of them are runaway from their sponsors, and were referred to the competent authorities to take legal action against them.

Bin Sahoo called upon citizens and residents and the media for the need to work together, and concerting all efforts, in order to reduce this phenomenon, and thus reduce the number of offenders, requesting citizens and residents to immediate need of participation by calling the number 80080 in “Sahim” campaign.

Bin Sahoo confirmed the continuity of these campaigns, in order to eliminate the problem of offenders whom he deemed as threat to security and safety of the community..

Brigadier General Dr. Abdullah bin Sahoo emphasized the fight and combat against any practices that violate laws and regulations in the state, and threatens the security and stability of society..

Bin Sahoo also stressed that the phenomenon of runaway maids whom work with others are a threat to security and society, pointing out that the law criminalizing who opens his home to such category to solve a problem then finds himself in big trouble and has become a victim, he added that most of them do not meet health requirements and have criminal intentions to make money..

He added that everyone must call in case he found posters of advertising the maids distributed to the apartments, which can be delivered as a piece of evidence against them.

Indicating that the value of fine of violation of operating someone who works with other individual or a company is up to 50 Thousand Dirhams, and In the event that the person repeat the same offense, the punishment may become deportation from the country, decided by jurisdiction of the court decided the penalty commensurate with size of the offense committed against the country.

Residents in the city of Sharjah, appealed to (concerned authorities) need to pursue runaway maids whom their numbers became more than "reasonable", stressing the seriousness of presence of runaway domestic labor as time bombs may commit any crime in cold blood and escape quietly, saying that many parents may resort at them in exceptional circumstances.

Moses Ali, a resident of the Al Majaz, he said that his friend was forced to use one of those maids because his wife worked as an employee, and the conditions do not allow him to bring a maid through the offices, because of the high cost, so the maid stole AED 3000, and ran away from home, leaving the child alone..

Resident in (Al Majaz) area named Mahmoud Sayed said that the number of Ethiopian maids whom working in this neighborhood almost be in hundreds, surprising from not being arrested until now, accusing some of them of contrary to public morals and ethics activities.

Last Update:: 11/9/2011