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Detention of 30 Runaway Domestic Servant

12 Oct 2011

Breaking into a dens that harbor runaway maids from their sponsors resulted in the detention of 30 domestic servants from different nationalities, hiding away in a small apartment managed by the broker to operate the escapee domestic servants.

The broker offered a school director in Sharjah, to provide her illegally with a domestic servant, so she in her turn contacted to (the TV Police Program) and expose the incident. Colonel Sultan Abdullah AlKhayal Director of Media and Public Relations in Sharjah police, revealed that the raid carried out by a team from Directorate General of Residency and Foreigners Affairs and a number of patrols from Anjad on a den of runaway maids. The raid was directly on air to the television program - Police TV, Whom followed the case incidents by conducting an extensive investigation on the phenomenon of escape of domestic workers. This program is broadcast Wednesday evening through the Police Program Episodes at half past ten on Sharjah TV.

Last Update:: 10/12/2011