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Begging is Also Practiced By the Workers

28 Sep 2011

Begging phenomenon is no longer restricted to certain individuals, and also no longer practiced in certain context and form, but has evolved and expanded to include worker and other limited income individuals in an effort to raise their monthly income that sometimes not exceed one thousand Dirhams, it became familiar to see a cleaner, guard or others workers categories doing business of begging while exercising their profession, using several ways to provoke people’s pity, and beg their compassion and money.

Methods pursued by those in the community who infused with principles and feelings of compassion, kindness and humanity, had upset many residents of the AlAin City where there are a number of charities, and demanded that those responsible for the functioning of these individuals to step up and control over the workers during the work periods, and also review the salaries for this category especially occupations that are difficult and under sun heat.

Ibrahim Hussein AlMarzouqi - employee - sees that the cause of the spread of this negative phenomenon is the reaction of the people with these groups whom doing daunting work, especially in the local environment dominated by hot weather, which prompted other workers to resort to begging, though in different ways, while exercising their profession whether security or cleaning the streets or other profession, Taking advantage of the feelings of compassion and pity that stimulate human to sympathize with them, and give them small amounts that contribute to increasing their monthly income.

He Says, these groups have become a nuisance, especially what the car parking in front of shops and commercial centers, where they spin around the car or doing cleaning the bottom of the car, although it is already clean, and if this fail, they attempt to stand near the door of the vehicle, which is a source of resentment, especially if there are women and children inside the vehicle,.

For his part, Yousef Jameel Assad, (Businessman), said that the increasing number of begging labor in the exercise work requires radical solutions to it from the concerned authorities and also private companies responsible about them in order to prevent its transformation to a phenomenon difficult to control later, as what they are doing is begging, even if different forms and methods..

He noted that the charitable institutions and associations spread throughout the city, and extend a helping hand to the needy, which individuals whom belong to the category of low-income people could resort to.

Abdullah AlZahry, employee, tells a story happened to him while he was in front of the house, where he surprise that a cleaner is close to his home, he said hello and stand next to him and then asked for little cup of water and he sit in the pavement in front of the house showing the features of the misery that give rise to emotion of any human being and make you pay to help him financially.

He continued, at first I provided assistance to him, but when the scene repeating, I realized that what I do may be detrimental to society and the individual behaviors may turn into a mass, then to a phenomenon.

Rashid Mohammed, a student, pointed to the need to shed light on such labor by the supervisors during the performance of work, as what they are doing is not a source for the inconvenience, but also could put lives at risk because of contact with the cars, and not paying attention when it move, especially if did the driver dose not notice their presence.

He said that some workers began persist in begging to the extent that openly request money or food and drink, which requires a solution to this phenomenon by the concerned authorities.

Last Update:: 1/4/2012