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Launching of Immediate System Transactions Service in "Sharjah Residency"

16 Sep 2011

General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Sharjah, began to implement the first phase to immediate system service (Online), through which to enter transactions and entry permits for public and private institutions in the emirate, through a special program on the Internet.

Colonel Abdulaziz Algotaira Director of Entry Permits and Residency Administration said in a statement to "Alkhaleej": The service started work with visas to government entities, and will contribute to reduce reviewers congestion in the directorate, and achieve greater flexibility through the introduction of information, and there have been a training for the management personnel on the new system as well for the delegates and representatives of target audiences.

He added that the advanced electronic services provided by "Sharjah Residency" contributed to the public in many of the facilities for clients dealing with Sharjah Residency (citizens, residents, tourists and visitors), with a high level of quality and accuracy.

For his part, Capt. Jassim AlMazloum, head of entry permits department said: “The system works according to practical steps to help the user to register, enter and use the immediate system through password authentication, and enable him to fill the information, which will be received electronically in the administration through professional staff”.

Last Update:: 9/16/2011