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74 Beggars of Both Sexes Arrested in Sharjah

18 Aug 2011

Joint campaign to combat begging, organized by the General Headquarters of Sharjah Police, in cooperation with the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners' Affairs of Sharjah managed to arrest 74 beggars in the city of Sharjah and 2 in the eastern region, including 8 of Arab nationalities and 64 of the Asian Nationalities in the city of Sharjah during the first and second weeks of current August.

Industrial area one and four recorded the largest percentage of the number of beggars who were caught at rate of 11 beggars in First Industrial Area and 4 beggars in fourth Industrial Area, in addition to a number of beggars who have been caught in the second and third industrial areas.

In second place came Abuchagharh area in a rate of 10 beggars, followed by AlNahda area with 4 beggars, then AlShuwaihin area with a rate of 4 beggars, while the rest numbers of beggars are arrested in various neighborhoods of Sharjah city.

Among the most notable observations recorded by the campaign against beggars whom have been caught, that a large number of them have been brought recently to the State by tourist visit visas, which indicates that they have came specifically for the practice of begging during the month of Ramadan in the framework of organized activity by some parties and individuals whom have been verified their identity and search for them in the framework of the joint efforts of the campaign, Among the beggars, there are large number of enter and stay laws offenders.

Joint campaign, which continues its efforts in the coming weeks renewed its call for members of the public not to sympathize with beggars and not to provide funds and charity of these groups or to respond to them in any way, pointing to the link between the phenomenon of begging, and criminal activities that harm the community and threaten the security of its members, their safety and property.

Last Update:: 8/18/2011