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Bin Sahoo: Pursuing Offenders is Our Mission All Through The Day

02 Jun 2011

Brigadier General Dr. Abdullah Ali Saeed Bin Sahoo Director General of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Sharjah, confirmed that the Department, in cooperation with the concerned authorities have achieved outstanding levels in dealing with violators of the law of entry and residency of foreigners, and he priced the fruitful and effective cooperation of the partners of the directorate from the other institutions and departments to provide support to eliminate this phenomenon.

In a statement to "AlKhaleej" he said: The pursuit of offenders is a patrol mission, almost all through the day, and there are places where the offenders frequently presence, such as old residential neighborhoods, because most homeowners in these neighborhoods rent them to the offenders, without verify the legitimacy of their entry or stay In the state.

He added that the residency of Sharjah will continue its campaign inspection to set the violators of the law of entry and residency of foreigners, and will use all Methods, monitored by management, and will not leave any room for leniency and circumvention of the law of entry and residency of foreigners, and we will be tuned exactly to such cases, and will continue the campaign on labor violation permanently, to eliminate this phenomenon, which has become a major threat to the labor market. Then He appealed to all companies and institutions to abide by the labor laws, and not to accept the offenders, and resort to the formal methods through the competent authorities in the ministry.

Last Update:: 6/2/2011