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AlMenhali: «Employment» Law, Develops an End to Domestic Servants Escape

18 May 2011

Major General Nasser Al Awadi Al Menhali, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior Assistant Undersecretary for Naturalization and Residence and ports, stressed that the draft law of assistance service workers, which was adopted by the ministerial committee for legislation will put an end to the escape of servants and similar status in the state, and will also put an end to the disputes between the sponsor and sponsored.

AlMenhali in a statement to (AlBayan), said: "The law will organize the relationship between the sponsor and the sponsored person in a legal framework and in accordance with the clear and specific provisions of that makes it easier for the competent disputes departments to consider the issues of the categories of assistance workers and to take appropriate decisions and to ensure their rights in addition to the sponsors rights”.

He pointed out that the law will ease the burden on the branches of the dispute of the relevant assistance services categories issues in addition to reducing the number of conflicts itself.

AlMenhali pointed out that the draft law regulates the operation between the sponsor and the sponsor person in a legal framework, praising the efforts of the Ministry of Interior and other agencies that contributed to the preparation of this draft law, referring to the efforts of offenders follow-up department in collaboration with the public to catch offenders and sneakers to reduce this phenomenon.

Conflicts branches in the departments of nationality in the year 2008 alone recorded more than 11 thousand cases between the assistance workers category and their sponsors.

Last Update:: 1/4/2012