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Bin Sahoo Inaugurates “Kalbaa” Passport Control Office

22 Mar 2012

Brigadier General Dr. Abdullah bin Sahoo, General Manager of Residence and Foreigners Affairs in Sharjah, yesterday inaugurated Kalba Passports Control Office, in an atmosphere of popular and official celebration of residents of the region, the opening was in the presence of number of senior leaders from Sharjah Police, led by Colonel Saif AlZarri, Colonel Abdullah Mubarak Bin Aamer, and directors of departments and heads of departments, branches, and managers, and management personnel.

Office provides several services including the issuance of entry permits of all types, for workers and domestic workers and similar, as well as residents visas for residents and renewing, and issuing and renewal of the establishment cards, and the issuance of cards of domestic workers, and receive escape reports.

Bin Sahoo while inspecting progress of work at the office and those who support it from the officers and staff, he urged to make more of an effort to provide the required services to clients of the citizens and residents, and discussed a mechanism for extension of service to the people in the regions of Shees and Wadi AlHilo mountainous, for the convenience of residents in this regions, so as not to incur difficult to move far while completing their transactions of residence and passport renewal. He also urged the Operations Police Department to coordinate with the Eastern Region Police, on the transactions of the offenders and their statements.

He also pointed out that shortly soon will provide a services of citizenship on the same office.

In special statements to "AlKhaleej" Brigadier-General Dr. Abdullah bin Sahoo, said: "This opening represents a step forward in the organization of work, and the provision of services at each location in the Emirate of Sharjah, pointing out that the this is the last point of the total passport offices, which are covering different areas.

Bin Sahoo on this occasion, offering thanks and appreciation to His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, who continue his generosity and giving to serve of Sharjah and its people wherever they are, through the provision of branches to all service bodies responsible, and the opening of this office affirms his vision and bring forward his anticipation to integrate all the services in every location, And Lt. General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, for his commitment to deliver services to all who are state residents and citizens in any place, and Major General Nasser Al Awadi Al Menhali Assistant Undersecretary for Naturalization and Residence and ports, whom determined to achieve the dream of the people of the region, Providing this service for them, and praised the cooperation extended by the Department of Eastern Region Police, the Council of my Kalba, and branches of service departments in the region, until the completion of this achievement.

He pointed out that the city of Kalba, the ongoing architectural renaissance taking place, which is home to the largest number of citizens and residents in the region, the city in a real need for this office, so it was accelerated to meet the request of her family.

For their part, the reviewers in the Office of Passport Kalba, confirmed that they are pleased with this achievement, which will save time and effort, and shorten the distances they move to other areas to finish their transactions.

In a meeting with a number of reviewers, Abu Abdullah said that he was forced to complete his transactions in the AlFujairah or Sharjah passport offices, which takes a lot of time moving to those places from his place of residence in Wadi AlHilo, but with the opening of the office it has become easy.

Salem AlKaydi said that our happiness is completed by adding a new achievement, among with the achievements witnessed by the city of Kalba every day.

Obaid Ahmed said: "This edifice, waited for a long time by people of the region, because it relates to the most services demanded by the people, and concerned to every citizen and resident”.

For his part, Major Abdullah Ali Alwan AlNaqbi office manager, pointed out that the experimental work was started a week ago, and we began yesterday the provision of services to clients and complete all transactions pertaining to residency and citizenship.

The Centre serves different areas of the city of Kalba and Wadi AlHillo, and also all required service from people and visitors coming to the city, and opening its doors to them throughout the day.

Last Update:: 3/22/2012