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“Visitor” Uses a Medical Report to Beg

26 Apr 2011

Brigadier General Dr. Abdullah Ali Saeed Bin Sahoo, Director General Department of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Sharjah, appealed to health institutions in the private sector within the country, the need for scrutiny in the extraction of medical reports for those who enter the state with visit visa, as it could be exploited by some people to beg for money gain, and as a preventive measure to reduce exotic phenomena that need to concert efforts and cooperation of all competent authorities in the community, because of its multiple security risks that threaten the security and safety of citizens and residents.

In a statement to "AlKhaleej" newspaper Brigadier-General said that one of Administration officers with a Civil clothes, after his prayers at a mosque in Sharjah, was surprised by one of the people begging for help because he is not a resident in the State, and gave him a medical report issued by a private hospital containing a cost of surgery that should be made to him, the management communicate with the hospital about his report, and it became clear by the hospital that they have no any background information or reference for the patient identity.

Brigadier-General called upon all citizens and residents to cooperate with the department's efforts in this regard by reporting such cases through the toll free number (80 080) or by calling one of the administration numbers, to contribute to the achievement of security and to contribute to that peace would prevail in the entire emirate.

"AlKhaleej" presented the incident to Dr. Amin Hussain Al Amiri, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health Assistant for medical practice and licensing, and asked him a question about the mechanism for issuing medical reports from the institutions of the private sector, he said: There are three minor issues related to the incident mentioned above:

First: to resorting of the visitors to the medical institutions, to display status, and seek treatment and the medical report, including its cost of treatment, is their right as a patients.

Second: Patients reception, and issuance of the medical report, including the value of treatment, is a right to health institutions, and this is legal and not contrary to the practice of the profession, where health facilities do not know that he would beg with this report.

Third: When a visitor use the medical report for purposes other than official, and the violate of laws and resolutions regulating them, this considered as individual wrong behavior, not related with health services and health system, therefore, the competent authorities prohibit the begging have the right to take legal action against violators in such cases.

Last Update:: 1/8/2012