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Integration of E-Passport System and Population Registry Data

11 Apr 2011

Ministry of Interior declared the completion of experimental connection and integration mechanisms between e -passport system and population registry database in Emirates Identity Authority, as well as the imminent completion of the connection and integration works with the unified database in the Ministry of Interior. This achievement would facilitate the sharing of text and barometric data for the state citizens; which enhancing the integration procedures and ensuring the validity and accuracy of the three database information at issuing new e-passport.

H.E. Major General, Matar Salem AlNyadi, Director of E-Services and Communications, Ministry of Interior, and president of the Supreme Committee for e-passport project, has confirmed that the new passport would provide portal service via the new e-passport for all state border's airports and portals. The technical primary tests made for integration with portals were successful. Moreover, efforts are being exerting to develop and improve services as a preparation to start working with the e-passport issuing system soon.

He pointed out that the e-passport integration with the unified database system in Ministry of Interior and the population register would provide an accurate information, facilitate the passport holders movements easily and safely during transfer form and to the country; as well as improving checkpoints' safety and security procedures through the border airports and portals in and out the country.

He added: the new passport would contribute in facilitating procedures for identification of the passport holder accuracy leaving no room for confusing with others; thus, this facilitates the travel procedures for the citizens and helps them avoiding any potential difficulties, manipulation, forgery, impersonation, or any illegal exploitation.

Last Update:: 4/11/2011