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Sharjah Residency Enhances “Leadership Thinking”, and Discusses Achievements

23 Mar 2011

Brigadier general Dr. Abdullah Ali Saeed Bin Sahoo director general of residency and foreigners affairs in Sharjah, met with the directors of departments and heads of sections in Khor fakkan Passports Office, during the meeting they discussed a number of achievements made by management, and addressed the obstacles which affect the performance of the work, and ways to avoid it.

Brigadier Sahoo draw to officers attention to the need to stimulate their employees to provide development initiatives, and support elements in the first supervisory levels and push them to method of approach, innovation, research and self-learning in order to serve the nation.

This meeting comes within a series of periodic meetings convened by the general manager of residence and foreigners affairs in Sharjah, in order to deepen the leadership way of thinking to the officers, and that through communication and continuous follow-up and effective consultation, also aims to develop infrastructure and seek to standardize the procedures in the various departments and sections of general directorate of residency and foreigners affairs in Sharjah.

After that, the Brigadier-General Dr. Abdullah bin Sahoo, accompanied by a number of officers visited Khor Fakkan Passports office new building, where he was briefed on the needs to activate its role optimally, as they visited Dibba AlHisn passports office, to look into the progress of work, and he listened to notes from staff, which aims to facilitate the services, then he directed to pursue the needs of those departments and seek to provide.

At the conclusion of their visit to Sharjah area, general manager of residence and foreigners affairs of Sharjah and officers, offered solace and condolences to the first assistant Ali Hassan al-Rashid from the Office of Khor fakkan Passports, for the death of his father, this comes in the context of strengthening the social and human communication between the staff of the Department.

Last Update:: 3/23/2011