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Review of a Proposal that Allow Domestic Servant Signing on Receipt of Dues at the End of Their Service in Sharjah

23 Mar 2011

The third meeting for 2011 of the senior leadership commission, was held yesterday morning, at sharjah police HQ, presided by major General Humaid Mohammed AlHadidi, director general of Sharjah police, attended of Brigadier Abdullah Mubarak AlDukhan deputy director of Sharjah police, brigadier general Dr. Abdullah S. Sahoo, director general of residency and foreigners affairs in Sharjah, and Colonel Waheed Aisa AlSerkal, director of Sharjah Civil Defense and an assemblage of heads of Sharjah Police GD various depts.

In the outset of the meeting, Major General Al Hudaidi had welcomed the attendants and reviewed the agenda of the third meeting which embodied examining and evaluating what had been achieved in the previous first and second meetings for the year 2011. He further reviewed the course of work in the various security departments. Brigadier Dr. Sahoo had laid down a motion regarding housemaids' rights of signing on the receipt of their dues at the end of their service, he explained through his proposal, the problems and causes and possible negative impacts that Consequences of not to attend to receive his rights, and the positive effects based on that, and through protecting the rights of citizens, and the essence sponsored rights and receipt their all dues, and maintaining the state's reputation and status, and protection of human rights, facilitation on the citizen and reduce their burden.

In another context, Major Ali Saif Alzbahi, strategic support team leader, reviewed the operational plans for the initiatives and performance indicators for Sharjah police, explain through it, the strategy the Ministry of the Interior and the strategy for the directorate general of Sharjah Police, and strategic initiatives for general directorate, and performance measurement indicators for general directorate, and the monthly report of the operational plans for strategic initiatives, and the communication mechanism of the presidential administrations and departments, and the role of the strategic support group and the requirements of presidency departments and divisions.

Last Update:: 3/23/2011