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Stay With Relatives, Allow Completion Procedures of "Sharjah Residency"

20 Mar 2011

Colonel Mohamed Salem, department of residency and entry permits director in the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Sharjah, Confirmed that the lease is a mandatory condition of sponsorship, and the most important conditions to be met upon the renewal of residency, where necessary for each resident to have a place to live, either rented legally, or owned property of the person, or granted to him by the corporation, or to bring a letter from the relatives of first or second degree declare that he is staying with them in their private residence.

In a statement to the "AlKhaleej", in response to readers questions about the condition of providing of a rent contract for the issuance of visa or renewal of residency?, He added: that the law of entry and residency of foreigners in Article (13) stipulate that: "Every foreigner entered the country must submit to the department of nationality or in the police stations where he exists within a period not exceeding one week from entry, and must Issue a statement confirming the entering and the data in this regard, If he changes his residence he must report the new address within one week".

Last Update:: 3/20/2011