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Interior: Length of Residency‬ 3 Years to Government Workers and Two Years of Private Sector

07 Feb 2011

Major General Nasser Al Awadi Al Menhali, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior Assistant Undersecretary for Naturalization and Residence and ports, has confirmed that he will apply to stay for two years for workers in the private sector under a work permit issued by the Ministry of Labour and for workers in the government sector, the length of stay remain for three years as it is now.

Menhali in a statement to (AlBayan) said that the actions taken by the nationality and residence and the ports, with respect to the decision of the Council of Ministers on setting the duration of the business card for two years comes in parallel with the actions taken by the Ministry of Labour in this regard, noting that the proceedings continue in parallel with the length of the work permit, regardless of The date of issuance, which will be adopted for the permit, to issue a residence for workers in the private sector.

And on the procedure of linking services of nationality and residency with the Emirates Identity Authority, he confirmed that the linking process is well under way, and will soon be advertising for all services and procedures for linking the Ministry of the Interior and the Emirates Identity Authority, he pointed out that the linking process is an ongoing internal procedures almost finished.

The Ministry of Labour and since last January, and in line with the decision of the Council of Ministers, began to reduce the duration of your labor card to two years instead of three which means that employment contracts and renewal cards are for two years.

The ministry attributed the reasons that led the Cabinet to make the length of the card two years, to promote flexibility in the labor market because the worker does not stay in often for a period ‬ 3 years and there are some ‬ 70% of workers cancel their cards before the end of this period and that all the Gulf countries for card Work and residence for two years, in addition to the card that the period of work (domestic servants and drivers in the state) is two years.

Ministry of Labour confirmed that reducing the length of the card for two years will lead to provide ‬ 750 million dirhams, where the Ministry received in the year ‬2009 For what it’s worth ‬ 2,5 billion dirhams, a fee for permits and business cards.

Last Update:: 2/7/2011