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AlShafar Inspects Security and Safety Crews at Sharjah Airport

04 Feb 2011

Engineer Abdul Wahab Mohammad Al-Roumi, director general of Civil Aviation Department in Sharjah, stressed the department keenness to follow the procedures and international standards dealing with civil aviation safety and rehabilitation of cadres and staff to carry out their duties to the fullest, in order to ensure the safety of users of Sharjah International Airport, both companies of passengers or freight, At the same time praising the efficiency of the security services and safety crew at the airport.

This came during a meeting in the office of lieutenant general Saif Abdullah Al Shafar, Undersecretary of the Ministry of the Interior, and Dr. Abdullah Ali Sahoo General Manager of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Sharjah.

Abdul Wahab Al Roumi presented to the lieutenant general AlShafar, an explanation about the latest equipment and procedures of the department in order to ensure the safety of civil aviation in Sharjah International Airport, and the new Runway Project plans to construct in the coming period.

The meeting stressed the need to keep up with all the new developments taking place in the world, especially with regard to new technology that contribute to increase security and safety, as well as continue to participate in courses that increase the readiness and efficiency of staff working in the field of safety and security at the airport.

He stressed the important and effective role played by the Passport Department to ensure smooth flow of work and audit data of arrivals and departures passports, in addition to other tasks carried out by the section to ensure the safety and security of all.

Engineer Abdulwahab Mohammed AlRoomi, accompanied by lieutenant general Saif Abdullah AlShafar, and Dr. Abdullah Sahoo done an inspection tour at the airport in which he briefed on the facilities of the airport.

AlShafar Evaluated the efforts undertaken by the Department of Civil Aviation to secure the public safety of passengers and airport users, and the greater cooperation between various security agencies in the state.

Last Update:: 1/4/2012