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3 Games in the Fifth Round of the Halls League Tonight

17 Jan 2011

Matches of the fifth week of the Halls football league, start this evening in three confrontations for the second group teams, the start kick will be in 04:30 evening, second group, which will combines the two clubs AlWasl and the AlKhaleej in the towards the crossroads where AlWasl stand points in the lead on goal difference from AlKhaleej even with him by nine points.

AlWasl won the previous three matches on each of the Hamriyah, Ministry of Defence, General Directorate of Residency in Sharjah, AlKhaleej victories came on the General Directorate of Residency in Sharjah, Hamriyah and Etihad Kalba.

AlKhaleej coached by Fahad Ali Rashid, and a squad of constellation excellent players led by veteran Anwar Mohamed, Mohamed Hassan AlMulla, Ahmad Tarek, Tarek Mohamed Ali, Abdul Rahman Rashid Ahmed, Khalid Ahmed Obaid, Haitham AlShayer, Tariq Abdullah, Yasser Hassan, Saeed Suhail and Faisal Ahmed, while Title holder plays with captain Mansour Jamil, Salem Jamil, Ahmed Aziz, Khalid Shah, Tariq AlShabah, Khalid Mahmood and Younis Ahmed.

And supervises the team's training Mr. Mahmood Aziz, audience expected a strong match from both teams the yellows greens, from the reality of enthusiasm that often accompaniment the games of two teams, especially thet AlKhaleej is the only team who defeated the AlWasl in the last season, and ended even in the Union Cup 6-6. The second game between Hamriyah and Etihad Kalba in one of the smiling Emirate derbies, Kalba team played three matches, lost two of them by the Ministry of Defense and the AlKhaleej, and won one point from the draw with the team of Directorate of residency in Sharjah.

And Hamriyah team played three games, also lost two games in front ofAlWasl and AlKhaleej, and won one match against the Ministry of Defense, the team has three points and looks forward to continue to harvest in order to enter the competition. AlHamriyah squad includes, Abdul Aziz Hussein, Sultan Bin Jarash, Abdullah al-Mahmoud, Hamad Al-Rawi, Abdullah Mohamed Ibrahim, Said Ahmed Ibrahim, Jalal Mohammed, Abdullah Mohsen, Mohammed AbdulRahman AlHadeedi and Ammar Saleh, led by coach Salih AlHadeedi, and the team lose efforts of star and top scorer Rashid al-Rawi due to injury.

Etihad Kalba Included in the squad Adnan Rashid Sultan, Ahmed AlSahir, Ahmed Abdullah Sarhan, Hamdan Rashid, Issa Ahmed, Adel Darwish, Ammar Saif Mattar, Saif Ahmed Abdullah, Ibrahim Ali Mohammed, Abdullah Saeed and Saeed Jassim, led by coach Fahad Saeed.

In the third match will meet a team of General Directorate of Residency of Sharjah and the Ministry of Defense, and the Residency lost two games in front of the AlKhaleej and AlWasl, and tied with the Etihad Kalba 6-6, and team of the Ministry Defence has 3 points gained from the victory against Etihad Kalba, and the team Residency stayed with just one point.

Included in the squad team of the Ministry of Defence each of Abdullah Youssef Chahine, Talal Ibrahim Bilal and Ahmed Alnofali, Butti Saleem AlKetbi, Hassan Abbas, Issa Murad Salmeen, Basim Ibrahim, Nabil Tlib, Ahmed Darwish, Rashid Ghanim and Mahmoud Abbas, and includes squad of residence each of Rashid Khalifa, Jassim Al-Ali, Butti Mohammed, Jassim Ahmed, Mohamed Salem Al Muhairi, Abdulla Yusuf, Abdallah Khamis, Sultan Rashid, Ahmed Saeed, Fahad Mousa and Fahad Salem.

Last Update:: 1/17/2011